Engaging K-3 parents & mentors to boost 3rd grade proficiency.




We've rethought parent engagement for a new generation.

What We Offer


We don't tell parents how to engage their kids, we show them everyday conversations and activities using the power of video.

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Utilizing the latest in mobile technology, we put the tools right into the hands of your parents through their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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Each video is aligned to the state standards in order to extend learning well beyond the walls of the classroom.

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How We Do It

We've combined the latest data and tech capabilities with meaningful and timeless human interaction.


Kids learn best when educational efforts are repeated and confirmed by all of the adults in their lives.


We believe that you can unlock the potential of kids by unlocking the potential of parents, their first and best teachers.


Schools can't do it alone. Mentors and other caring adults can become even more effective when regularly equipped and inspired.


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For the first time, schools and teachers will be able to put real-time metrics on their parent engagement strategies.

You'll know if and how often parents interact with the Bringing Up videos and can use that data to correlate with in-school performance in order to help your students succeed.